Have complaints about your leased property? Learn what options are available to you as a Tenant

Running into issues pertaining to your newly leased property is nothing new, be it shortly after signing a lease or after months of pleasant experience living at a property.

The type of issue and how serious it is will determine the route of your dispute lodgement. Whether it is about the building security or the leaking water tap in the bathroom, a tenant’s frustration and worry is real – especially when the communication is ineffective between the landlord and the lessee. Here are some of the ways you can go about raising a residential property related complaint:


Use a Notice to Remedy Breach

Suppose you have found that your lessor, agent or provider has breached the terms of any agreement that may have regarding your tenancy. Then you can give them a Notice to Remedy Breach. This is a form and asks them to remedy the breach by fixing the problem that you have. There will be notice periods that they need to meet.


Tribunal Application

By lodging your case to a local tribunal, you can utilise the legal pathway to consider you tenancy complaints and intervene to reach a decision for both parties. Tribunal help tenants record their complaints regarding residential tenancies, however, require extensive and verified documentation along with tangible proofs to resolve a dispute.

The only downside with tribunal applications is that they can take a very long time before reaching a decision and require an on-going effort and high patience level on the tenant’s part to fulfil the case documentation requirements, including mandatory hearings and appearance in court in some cases.


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