Whether it’s buying a new pair of shoes or choosing a holiday destination, online reviews give us powerful insights into other people’s experiences. And being able to leverage these experiences can help us make informed purchasing decisions which, crucially, are based on more than just what the company in question wants us to think.

For example, let’s say the website of an Italian restaurant claims their pizzas are the best in Sydney - but your friend who visited last week tells you that they skimped on the pepperoni and their marinara sauce was abysmal. The chances are, the genuine ‘review’ from someone who visited is going to have a bigger influence on your decision than the restaurant’s high self-praise.


If we apply this to the property industry, online reviews can provide property seekers with valuable, unbiased insights into the actual experiences of tenants, rather than just what they’re told about the property from the agent or marketing collateral.


In this article, we’re taking a look at the power of online reviews and why the experiences of others can play a fundamental role in the decisions we make.



The Value in Sharing Our Experiences


The desire to share our experiences with others is an inherently human quality. When we’ve had a bad experience, we tend to want to warn people - even those we don’t know personally - to help them avoid the same unpleasant experience. On the flip side, if we’ve had an amazing experience, we’re excited to tell people about it so they too can benefit.


Online reviews provide a vehicle to do just this. They give us a voice with which we can share with the world what we’ve experienced - the good, the bad, and the ugly - so others gain the benefit of our knowledge.



Why We Trust Reviews


Interestingly, while 70% of people say they trust opinions that are posted online, only 3% of customers surveyed by Hubspot claimed they trust salespeople and marketers.


It’s clear that consumers are increasingly sick and tired of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that’s so common in advertising and marketing and are instead seeking genuine insights and honest feedback. Online reviews provide an opportunity to hear from real people about their real experiences without spin or bias, making them much more trustworthy and appealing.


When applied to property, reviews can go far beyond what a potential tenant is told about the space from a marketing brochure or the agent’s feedback. Instead, reviews can take you ‘behind closed doors’ and give you valuable insights into the reality of occupying the property.



The Power of Reviews in Property Decisions


While we’re used to reading reviews for everything from our local Thai restaurant to that cute Airbnb in the country, reviews for properties have only just arrived in the market (in fact, Property Reviewed is the first platform to do this!).


Yet given the significant investment involved in leasing or buying a property, reviews can offer huge value in helping property seekers decide whether or not to go ahead with a property they’re considering, by equipping them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.


If you think about it, reviews are a bit like having a sneak peek into the future - you get to hear what it’s really like to occupy the space, to deal with the management, to be a part of the neighbourhood etc. When combined with the other available information on the property, these unbiased insights act as powerful tools that form a fundamental part of the decision-making process.


In this way, online property reviews can help to change the way we engage with the property market, influencing more positive outcomes and bringing much-needed transparency to the industry.


Check out our property reviews from verified tenants to discover the power of unbiased insights when searching for a property.


If you’re a tenant who’d like to have your say about a property you’ve leased, write a review and give property seekers the advantage of your experience.