With buyers unable to attend open home inspections, agents are now relying on advanced technology like virtual tours and 360-degree video inspections to bring buyers the information and tools they need to make purchasing decisions. Virtual tours enable people to see inside houses even if they can't go there in person. Since virtual tours are so good, and fit-for situations like a global pandemic where external movement is minimal, buyers are purchasing properties without even inspecting the house.

On the other hand, there are heaps of tools that are adding value to the buyers’ purchase-decision process such as property valuation tools, negotiation tools, and other market research tools revealing crucial data about the history of a suburb, climate mapping, development tracker and more. Most property buyers prefer to spend a good amount of time on researching the area and valuation factors before signing a purchase contract. With technology, all the data is just a few clicks away.


The development of centralised property management systems has negated the need for property managers to be located within the physical reach of properties under management. Centralised systems enable property managers to be able to manage multiple properties digitally at the same time, with faster response times and more streamlined maintenance services. The availability of such platforms has increased in the recent past and online property management has gained great popularity among property managers and prospective buyers.


One such industry breakthrough, powered by technology, is now enabling tenants to write reviews and rate properties enabling everyone to get experience-based opinions regarding rental property, and that platform is Property Reviewed. From noise levels to parking, security to strata - whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we bring you the inside knowledge that lets you make an informed choice.Property Reviewed takes the guesswork out of finding a property with verified reviews from tenants about their property experience. We put you in the know before you’re in the door.