202/7 Sylvan Ave Balgowlah NSW 2093

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Address: 202/7 Sylvan Ave, Balgowlah, NSW, 2093
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Customer Service I I Is the property management / landlord responsive to issues?

Security I I Is the building secure? Is there a history of crime in the building / area?

Air conditioning I I Are any of the bedrooms west-facing so that they get very hot during the day? Is the building well insulated?

Noise levels I I Is the neighbourhood noisy? Are the walls properly insulated?

Water I I What’s the water pressure like? Any leaking pipes under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom? Storm Water issues?

Aesthetics I I Do you feel the building is in good condition and presents well overall? Rate highly if the building presents well, rate poorly if there are issues.

Lifts I I Are the lifts in the building adequate and reliable? Rate highly if no issues, rate poorly if there are issues.

Overall value for money I I Do you feel you are getting what you pay for in this property? Rate poorly if you feel you are overpaying in rent, rate highly if you feel you are getting value for money.

Facilities I I Is the property close to facilities that are important to you? (e.g. schools, public transport, public parks)

Structure I I Is the building and roof structurally sound? Does the gutter have any cracks that would let rainwater damage the building walls?

Lighting I I Does the property get enough natural light?

Vermin I I Is there any sign of termite activity, mould on the walls and ceilings, or rotting floorboards hidden under carpets or rugs?

Carpentry I I Do all of the hinges on doors, windows, and cupboards work?

Electrical I I Does the electricity seem to work okay or are there issues?

Odour I I What does it smell like? Are there any neighbours that like to do some great cooking?

Local Built Environment I I Did you see any construction going up nearby? Is there anything planned?

Parking I I Are there enough carparks?

Rates and Strata I I How do you rate the cost of these?

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Address: 202/7 Sylvan Ave, Balgowlah, NSW, 2093

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